Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Pampers and Other Lines from the Little Lady

Dear Pampers,

Please provide more Ernie diapers in your packages. I understand that Elmo is like crack-cocaine to the under three crowd, but for some reason my daughter has a preference for that funny, duck-wielding roommate of Burt and for some reason for every four Elmo or Cookie Monster diapers, there is only one Ernie.

Pampers, I can no longer tolerate opening new packages of diapers to find the one Ernie lost in a haystack of Grovers and even Big Birds--really Pampers? Big Bird? Granted he is a Sesame Street icon, and Follow That Bird, was cinema gold, but come on, Ernie is clearly more marketable.

I know that the Little Lady will be hopefully transitioning to full-time undie wearing in the next few months, but until then, for mother's everywhere who are dealing with this daily disaster, please, please give me more Ernie.

Thank you in advance,



Speaking of the Little Lady, she has the uncanny ability to be both funny and terribly naughty at the same time.

Me: Why is QT screaming?
LL: I bite him.
Me: You bit him?
LL: No, I bite him.

I guess that in her desire to make sure that I heard her correctly, she completley disregards the fact that she actually bit her brother.

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  1. This may be a boy/girl difference. I don't think either of my kids has ever noticed the characters on the diapers! However, I side with the little lady….I’m over Elmo!
    I’m laughing at your “bite/bit” exchange, as we had one similar…except it had to do with an iPod touch during what apparently was an intense game of Angry Birds!
    “Aidan, why is the iPod cracked?”
    “I bit it.”
    “You bit it??” (Thinking I obviously misheard…)
    “I bit it!”
    And so on a few more times...

    Thanks for the daily chuckle! :-)