Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Some Firsts

We have been pretty busy since we returned from the beach. Gone are those days of filling up the pool and hanging out.

Since we have been back our schedule has started to fill. The Ladies both started back up at ballet. The only day that works in our schedule during the week is Sunday. So the Little Lady goes to Tiny TuTus at 9:30 and then we head back there at 12:30 for tap/ballet. It isn't ideal, but the Ladies seem to be excited about it.

I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was though, when the Lady went to switch to her ballet slippers after the tap portion of the class, they didn't fit. She just wore them in June for her recital. Stay tuned for a spirited post on shoe shopping with the Ladies. . .
Both Ladies started school this week. I was excited for the Lady to return to her school. It was a pretty smooth transistion, although we are in the afternoons this year. Scheduling around here is about to get much trickier.

Today was the Little Lady's first day of school. Yes, the photo below is the best one of her. She clearly does not have the modeling/posing thing down like her sister. She is doing "side of the eye" here. You have to love her though, she is off to school in her pretty pink dress, her owl backpack, her Cars and Toy Story tatoos and a Buzz Lightyear sippy cup.

Here is the Little Lady right before going into class. She insisted on the sunglasses. I am class mom for her program and since it is primarily parent run, we have had some glitches in communication. We left her seemingly content with the teachers, but I had to return to drop off an updated class list and the Little Lady saw me. Tears ensued, hers and mine.

I am picking her up in a few, swinging back home to feed the Ladies and QT and then dropping off the Lady at her school. In the meantime I am starting to fill with crazy amounts of anxiety because I got a full-time job and have to find someone who can do all of this for me. Guilty-mom posts to follow. Ugh!

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