Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missing Pump Pieces? No Problem. . .

So I was all set to pump it up yesterday morning. I got to the lactation room, opened up my black case o' nipple squeezer and . . .

Oh shit.

The breast shields and attached "membranes"were no where to be found because they were sitting on the side of my sink at home.

Can I just say that membrane is one of my top three least favorite words.

The others? Moist and slacks.

Ugh. What was I going to do? It would take me over an hour to get home and back, not to mention actually pump and I just didn't feel like I could disappear from the office for that long.

So what is a resourceful, money-saving mom to do?

Well, I tried to MacGyver it. (Yes, I realize this is my second MacGyver reference in the last few blogs, but when the reference works, roll with it.) I Jerry-rigged this little beauty with a plastic cup from the water cooler, a pair of scissors and a roll of tape. 

Is anybody surprised that this didn't work?

I figured it was worth the try.

So my advice to you would be that if you for some reason forget any piece of the pump and have access to a Target or a Babies R Us, you should really pony up the cash and buy a handheld pump that you can stash in your desk in order to save yourself a little time, some severely uncomfortable breasts and your sanity. 

Your boobs (and baby) will thank you.

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