Friday, March 2, 2012

IN PIN, pin is in: Dr. Seuss Day Pin

I am not going to count this towards "Pinterest Project Two" but I did manage to make these cute little Dr. Seuss-inspired fruit kabobs this morning for the Ladies to celebrate Dr. Seuss Day. And I was able to do it despite the fact that I was only able to string together about three hours of sleep, because QT and I are in some long drawn out war and he is winning every single battle, and these were getting put together about 10 minutes after I should have walked out the door.

Was I late for work? Yes.

Did either of the Ladies appreciate the effort? No.

Did this photo need to be Instagramed? Also, no.

Were they delicious? Of course, they are Cat in the Hat inspired fruit kabobs.

Dr. Seuss inspired fruit kabobs

The original pin is posted below. The website it came from seems pretty cute. They are meals made in muffin tins, however, I think if you are going to go through the effort of actually getting your muffin tins out of some forlorn top shelf in your kitchen, you should really just make cupcakes.

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 Looking forward to hearing about how the Lady enjoyed "Dr. Seuss Day" at her school, and also now craving cupcakes.


  1. Hi Bean! I gave up FB for Lent and I was having withdrawal from your blog. So I logged into FB (ssshh) to get your blog link.
    Let me just say, if misery loves company, it makes me feel good knowing that I'm not the only mom whose boys aren't sleeping through the night & frequently end up in bed with me. "String together 3 nights of sleep" aghhhh I FEEL YOUR PAIN! That is so my life. I seriously might punch the next person who says to me, "OH! Your babies aren't sleeping through the night? You co-sleep? You are still breastfeeding?" How about a nice cup of shut the bleep up. Kidding, sort of :) Oh and I was LOL about your forlorn muffin tin comment. So true!! Who are the crazy people who have time for such things?! I'm lucky if I manage to have time to heat up frozen pizza and I consider it a good day when my kids eat more than goldfish and I'm able to stay awake past THEIR bedtime. Anyway, super cute snacks!! --Kathleen

    1. I mean, string together three HOURS of sleep. Not three nights. See how sleep-deprived I am?

  2. I was wondering why I hadn't seen you on FB recently! Hope you have the link now.
    I just last night allowed myself to let QT cry it out a bit. I will say I had to endure 15 minutes of crying at some ungodly hour in the middle of the night, but I did wake up to just me and Troy in the bed. Hope you guys are well!