Thursday, February 28, 2013

As Seen on TV

So as you well know from my last post, the Lady has eagerly been anticipating the arrival of her "Hot Buns" in the mail.

I have been hoping upon hope that they actually work and that she won't be super disappointed if they fall out of her hair after two minutes.

I finally got the email that the Hot Buns had shipped but in the meantime the Little Lady and I went on an excursion to Michael's to pick up some poster frames for the Lady's artwork. As is typical on any outing with the Little Lady, she wanted to buy a million things, had to make a stop at the bathroom and did some serious skipping around the store.

What did she find? Why the As Seen on TV section that included the Magic Ice Cream Shake, something she has been desperately wanting ever since she saw it on a commercial. Again, advertisers I have to applaud your efforts at selling to the under-5 set. If they had credit cards our house would be overflowing with even more useless junk.

I was dubious of course, but the Little Lady was insistent. I had to buy it because on the other side of the aisle was, you guessed it, Hot Buns. Why wait for the mail delivery? The Lady needed her Hot Buns and apparently the Little Lady needed some Ice Cream Magic. I am either A. the greatest or B. the worst mother ever.

We headed home and as soon as the Lady got home from school we tried the Hot Buns. I have to say I was impressed with how easy it was to do. Basically you just put a pony tail in the hair, take the Hot Buns and roll it up like you would a curler, snap it, and then distribute the hair around it. It comes with two sizes, small and large. The small was more than adequate for the Lady and I gave the large one to our sitter because I have no hair.

Anyway, the Lady was initially impressed, but as with all things new it takes her a while to get used to things so she had me take it out about 5 minutes after it got put in. Know what isn't easy about Hot Buns? Taking it out. Imagine trying to unroll hair off of Velcro. Yeah, that's about right. There was some hair pulling, some complaining from the Lady and I might have had to throw out a fistful of her baby wisps, but hey, sometimes there is a price for beauty.

The next morning the Lady was willing to give it another try. I had to do a high pony, not a medium or low pony. The Lady couldn't have been happier. We topped it off with the light blue scrunchy I had to buy her for ballet and I sent her off to school. She came home with the Hot Buns still in, maybe not as neat as when she left, but I was impressed.

How was the Magic Ice Cream Shake you ask? Well let's just say it took longer than the promised 3 minutes, was a bit more work then anticipated, and ended up tasting like whipping cream with a bit of vanilla extract in it. The Little Lady did like to shake it, but I think we will be using the cup and spoon provided to eat actual ice cream that I have purchased from the store.

What else was on that As Seen on TV stand? The Callous Clear, which the Ladies have both insisted that I get for my feet. I believe the Little Lady's exact words were "Mommy, you should get that because your feet aren't good." Thanks Little Lady, but it isn't flip flop weather yet and Momma has a few more things to worry about than her feet. She is totally right though. Maybe I should get it. . . .

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