Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pinning It Again

I am not sure what it is about this time of year but I am getting back into some Pinterest projects.

If you missed any of my attempts at recreating Pinterest projects, check out some of the links here.

Yesterday I came across this pin:
Source: via Aileen on Pinterest

Granted, I don't have much grapic design background, but I was able to recreate these quickly and fairly easily in PowerPoint.

Not quite as artsy as the original but since I will probably never get around to framing and hanging these, I am not too worried. Best case scenario, these get hung in the bathroom and the Ladies and QT follow at least one of them a day!

I also pinned a recipe that I saw online. It was a Curtis Stone recipe for sausage rigatoni. Here is the original pin:

Source: via Aileen on Pinterest

I was able to bang this out pretty quickly last night without the fire alarm going off and with QT hanging off my leg. I did omit the kalamata olives though and added a bit of baby spinach instead of parsley.

Here is to hoping that when we put our place back on the market at the end of the month that someone buys it quick so that I can attempt to recreate more and more of these projects. Oh the possibility of Pinterest fails are pretty good. . .

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