Friday, February 27, 2015

Out of Hibernation

In October I took some time off.

I took some time off from work, from blogging, from social media (well, I silently stalked, but didn't do much posting!).

I tried to refocus on myself, my family and my friends. I tried to step back and be more present, rather than rush through each day high on anxiety.

And I think it worked.

Granted, we moved two weeks before Christmas while my husband was on the West Coast and I had to deal with crazies on our old Condo Board and the uncertainty of whether or not we could find a place to move into in the 30-day turnaround time we had.

But I did it. The kids did it. My husband came home to a new house and we segued pretty fluently.

We cut down a Christmas tree. I hosted Christmas. (We have so much more space, that for the first few weeks we were here, I flew into a panic more than once thinking that one of my kids were missing. Turns out they were just in another room.)

All these things that had been in motion for so long, gradually fell into place and I didn't for one minute take it for granted.

I am back at work now and working some days from home. Trying to find the balance in a new situation. Happy for the space outside, the space inside, an office with a closed door. Two extra hours a day with my kids, lots and lots of QT time. I am looking forward to getting back to blogging, back to chronicling my life, and my life with my family.

There were a few things you may have missed though:
  • QT is not allowed to use the child cart at Trader Joe's ever again.
  • I may have signed up to be class mom for the Little Lady.
  • The Lady is taking contemporary dance. The Little Lady? Hip-Hop. Can't wait for the recital.
  • I am now making crock pot yogurt and homemade granola.
  • I have turned into someone who wears "house shoes" because the floors are freezing here.
  • I am training for a half marathon.
  • I have a new niece. Pseudonym to come!
 Stay tuned for more of the Three Beans. . .


  1. This is all so great. I'm really missed your blog; in fact, I took a peek last night but was disappointed to not see any updates.

    I'm excited.


    One of your biggest fans

    1. Thank you! As always you have been an amazing friend and supporter.