Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Original Mom's Club

I was so grateful that I was able to meet up with 5 of my college roommates last weekend at LBI. That's right--Jersey baby, Jersey.

This is the 4th year that we have been able to pick a weekend (this process usually starts sometime in January, when we are all in a desperate state to get out of the house), convince our husbands that they can and should stay home with the kid or kids for the entire weekend, while we go to the beach, out to dinner and spend countless hours trying to cram in as much gossip magazine reading as we can. It is never nearly as much time as we need.

We have been lucky that between the births of babies we are still able to step away and decompress with each other. Unlike the online mom's group that I am a part of, or the smaller club that I am hoping to become more active in in the upcoming months. I don't feel judged, or anxious about having to forge a bond with these women, because they are the ones who have already seen me through the carbohydrate-fueled college days, the early years after college when nobody knew what they were doing (oh wait, that was just me), marriage and all the craziness that follows that decision and were there for me, when I finally joined the ranks of the mommyhood. They were and remain my ultimate mom's club.

I will say that since we all have kids, and all of us at this point a toddler or two, a lot of conversation revolved around them. When we did tire of the time-out talk, we moved onto our poor husbands at home, and the balance we hoped they were all striking, the sheer amount of attention given to the whole Jon and Kate + 8 drama, as well as anything that we found of interest in any one of the varying People, US Weekly, or Star Magazines.

We also did find a bit of time to talk about a few other things, which is nice because in about a month we are all getting together again, but this time with all the husbands and kids in tow. When we finally reach that weekend, it is good to know that between all the meal prep, swimming pool time and running around after the kids, that we already had a weekend, just the six of us where were able to catch up about each other because clearly we will have no time to sit down and just chat.

I am lucky that I have a group to lean on, to ask questions of and who know me well enough to give me an honest answer. Now, if we could all move onto the same block or next year stretch the weekend into a week. . .

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  1. Loved the weekend - here's to great friends! How cool would it be to live on the same block?!