Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All Summer in a Day

Last Friday I made a quick day trip up to the beach house to assess the situation for the summer. The Lady and I are planning on going up there on Monday and my husband will follow sometime mid-to late week for our annual fourth of July celebration.

Note to all readers who may be making an appearance--there will be fireworks this year at OBP on Friday night. We should be able to watch from Park St. if there are any sleeping babes. Plan accordingly.

Anyway, after yet again another cloudy, wet start to the day on Friday, the sun finally came out and C-Bear and I were able to take the two babes to the beach. The Lady is afraid of the water but is reacting well to the sand, the Big Guy on the other hand, will be in the water the entire summer and the Sound my friends, isn't warm.

We got an hour or so of late afternoon sun in and gave the kids a chance to run around a bit. We have been trying to devise a method of giving a time out at the beach--my suggestion is to dig a hole and stick them in there when the sand starts flying, but that is probably not feasible and potentially dangerous.

Oh, my point. . . so later that night my cousin brings up the topic of a movie she remembered from being small, it just so happens that this same movie (but the short story) had been occupying my thoughts as well, due to the very dreary, very depressing Spring we have been having. (The NY/CT area has has rain 19 out of the 24 days so far this June. Yikes!) That story was the Ray Bradbury short "All Summer in a Day."

I am constantly feeling like the girl locked in the closet on the one sunny day of the year. After a quick rain shower this morning it looked like the sun might break through, and it did for about 15 minutes. The Lady and I kicked around her princess ball and I got the great idea to fill up the baby pool. I have never used this pool though and when I tried to actually inflate it with my mouth things got difficult, which is funny because I usually don't have any problem inflating things with my mouth. Anyway, I tried the basketball pump and we got a bit of air in there, but after about 15 minutes of the Lady "helping" me pump, the sun went back behind the clouds, I was hot and sweaty, and the Lady was covered in dirt from the garage.

So now I have a half inflated baby pool sitting on the hood of my car, we are back in the house to escape the grey and I am hoping the Lady forgot I even mentioned the pool. I am feeling trapped by this weather and totally down. It doesn't help that I am gigantic, barely mobile, and unable to turn my own body over at night. This kid better be cute and the sun better come out soon!

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  1. Thanks for updating the blog because I was in need of a distraction today. I think that a time-out on the beach can be accomplished at either the bar or the mini golf booth- or just sitting them under the life guard stand.

    Anyway- you have a typo. You wrote "whole" instead of "hole"