Thursday, September 3, 2009

TV Time

When the Lady was first born, my husband and I spent the first two weeks of her life watching Prime Time in the Daytime on TNT. This was a daily dose of ER, Las Vegas and Without a Trace.

This time around, I am watching more baby shows so that I can distract the Lady while I shove my boob yet again into the little Lady's mouth. (Still can't think of a nickname for her yet--but I am working on it! My husband calls her a monkey cat, because she is a little bit monkey and makes little mewing sounds like a cat.)

This means that in the last few weeks, I have probably seen every episode of Dora the Explorer about three times. It also means that the Lady is now trying to open things by saying abres. I am also waking up for middle of the night feedings singing "Al rescate amigos. To the rescue my friends" from Go, Diego Go.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to some new programming coming this fall. If you aren't already watching both Top Chef and Project Runway have started their new seasons. The Biggest Loser starts up again on September 15th and I for one am super psyched. Dan from the orange team is back from last season. He has lost a lot of weight but still weighs about 3 bills. So You Think You Can Dance is coming back and you all know I will be watching Bones. I am going to have to really pay attention to scheduling. I think we might need an additional DVR to record everything, especially since I have two kids and don't actually have much time to watch anything live.

I will say that the other day I caught a marathon of "Dance Your Ass Off" on Oxygen. A combination weight loss, dance program that was both hilarious and painfully awkward. I don't think this is a show I would actively watch but when you come across a train wreck, it is hard to look away.

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