Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The View from the Second Row

My best friend got tickets to The View on Tuesday. Now, I am not a huge View fan, mostly because I can't stand listening to everyone talk over each other and can't bear the pitch of all those voices when things get heated.

When I was asked to go, I said absolutely. I mean, not only would I get a few hours to spend time with my best friend but I wouldn't have someone hanging off my boob or asking me what I was doing every thirty seconds. So off to NYC we went. We got there at about ten to nine, had to wait online for almost an hour before they let us into the building and then stand in the lobby for another forty minutes, while an Intern yelled at us like we were second graders and this was the first week of school.

The buzz was that Taylor Swift was going to be a guest and perform. This was perfect timing after the entire debacle at the VMA's with Kanye West. I figured those View women would ask the hard-hitting questions and Taylor would have a chance to share her side. In fact, ABC radio was interviewing people on line behind us for their radio show and I was amused to hear a fiftyish woman refer to Kanye as an "arrogant asshole." I am pretty sure they would have had to bleep that out, but I thought it was funny.

Okay, so we take the elevator up (fifteen at a time) and walk down the hallway. One way is the View the other is All My Children. We were close to the end of the line, so the studio was pretty full when we walked in, but the girl seating us noticed we were a group of two and asked us if we wanted to sit in the second row! We of course said yes, even though there was a camera set up in front of one of the seats and we were going to have to go stand in the back when Taylor Swift performed due to "equipment placement."

We struck up a conversation with the very young, very cute guy sitting next to us. I asked him, what he was doing at a taping of the View, he informed us that his girlfriend was Taylor Swift's back-up singer, so immediately we grilled him on the VMA event. He said that Taylor was upset and that her mom was very upset, and that the whole thing with Beyonce at the end was obviously planned. He also said about a hundred times what a sweet girl Taylor is. Talk about an inside scoop, I mean come on--give me something juicy!

So the comedian comes out to warm up the crowd, and try to get us to cheer as long and loud as we could. I am not a big clapper and I am also not a big cheerer. It feels awkward and I was unsure why I should be whooping it up for Whoopi, but since we were in the second row, I tried to at least feign enthusiasm. I will say I was also going on about 4 hours of interrupted sleep!

There was another celeb sighting in the crowd and by sighting, I mean sitting right in front of us. This lady from like a thousand commercials and NBC's new show Community was there.

Yvette from Community
Sheri from the View

Apparently she is like really good friends with Sheri and the two often get mistaken for each other. Speaking of Sheri, she was the best part of the show. During the commercial breaks the ladies let you ask them questions and she was the most outgoing and entertaining of all of them.

During the pre-show warm up we were able to see the crowd on the flat screens in the studio, I will say the only thing worse then seeing yourself in a brand new shirt that you purchased at 8:45 pm the night before, exposing your back fat, is having to get measured for a bridesmaid dress 5 days after you gave birth. (True story--I wouldn't recommend it!)

Finally, the show. Did I mention that Kate Gosslin was a guest host? Ohh, I did not clap for her, even though her husband is a huge d-bag, I still think she is a major bitch and that she is exploiting her kids. I will say that she is super skinny, but her hair is a Science project. Barbara is also really thin and you can see that she has had work done.

I will say that Whoopi seemed sad due to the death of Swayze, Joy seemed a little off that day, Barbara couldn't hear any of the questions you asked her, and when Kate answered a question about her shoes, I wanted to throw up, but Sheri was standing like right in front of me and was very funny.

Dr. Phil was the first guest and he was kind of boring, plus the entire time I could only think about the Sesame Street episode with him in it, which I couldn't find on You Tube, but that is probably a good thing or you would be going around all day going "Dr. Phil, Dr. Feel." They also asked him Jon and Kate questions and I was unimpressed!

Then Taylor came out and can I say skinny! Oh, my god the girl is skeletal, but very gracious, very cute and her explanation of the whole Kanye shenanigans was very endearing.

Once the interview was over and they cut to commercial, we were escorted to the back of the studio to watch the performance. I was a little peeved to see that the "equipment" we were moved for was the lady from Community and her friend, who moved into our seats! Oh well, we saw a good performance, were able to leave the studio first and got a free copy of Taylor's cd.

On the way out we saw some guy from All My Children, who was also on Dancing With the Stars,
Guy from All My Children

had a quick lunch, I pumped in the car on the ride home and when I got there was able to take a nap when both of the girls were sleeping. All and all a good day.

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  1. Thanks for all the inside scoop! I did watch my DVRed episode of that day and I agree that Joy seemed almost bored. At least she wasn't checking her Blackberry a million times as she sometimes does on those shows!