Monday, May 24, 2010

Mmmm. . . donuts

The Ladies and I went to the beach on Friday. It was a beautiful day, hopefully one of many more. The Lady was super excited to wear her new bathing suit and I was excited that the Little Lady stayed confined to the towel, not wanting to venture off into the sand and sea. That being said, she still found time to eat some sand and to try to eat a shell.

We returned totally tired out, covered in that fine film of sunscreen and sweat, the Lady passed out in my bed, the Little Lady playing quietly on the floor, while I washed out sand covered bottles and rinsed off the beach toys.

The sound of the running water drowned out the rustling of the brown paper bag. When I switched off the faucet and turned around, this is what I found.

Yes, munchkins. The Little Lady ripped open the bag (I can only assume with her two teeth), as evidenced by the wet piece of brown bag stuck to her stomach, and dug in.

If this was your first taste of donuts, wouldn't you go for two too?

Mmmmm. . . . donuts.

I was able to take a few pics, before having to wrestle the sticky munchkins out of her hands and sweep up all the crumbs from the floor. I mean what can I say, she is a girl after my own heart.

Bean = Tree, Little Lady = Apple


  1. Bean, those pictures are priceless. I love that you captured the moment so well!

  2. How mad was the lady when she woke up and found out that her donuts were gone?

  3. The Lady always has her fair share of munchkins. I am trying to wean her off them. One is fine, but seriously they give us like 10 everytime we go in there.

  4. Too cute! I stumbled over here thanks to BlogHer, your little one is a sweetheart. And might I add, donuts are second only to chocolate and chips (together) in my comfort food book. Good Choice!