Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lionel-1 the Little Lady-0

I have been behind in blog postings lately and I apologize.

The truth is I have been lacking serious motivation, drive and the energy required to string along a sentence or two.

I am hoping to work my way out of this funk soon, but some days I just feel like pulling on the sweats and cozying up to Lionel for some quality veg-out time.

Speaking of Lionel, the Little Lady tumbled off my fine friend the other day. It is totally my fault, I mean it is pretty much Parenting 101 that you shouldn't put an infant in your bed, unattended, especially if that infant is always on the move.

In my defense, I will say that she was sleeping when I put her in the bed. I also put a "protective" pillow up beside her (not too close that she could roll over on it) to serve as a barrier. About 15 minutes after I put her down, she stirred--perhaps by the screams of her older sister? I let her settle back down and assumed she was back asleep. What I should have done is double-check on her (or move her to her crib) because about ten minutes later, I heard the dreaded--ba-boom-boom, and then a scream.

What surprised me the most was that when I ran into the room to scoop her up off the floor, she was not on the side of the bed that I left her on, instead she had rolled all the way across Lionel and was laying on her back on the opposite side of the room.

I immediately picked her up, checked for any injuries and tried to calm her down. She did fall back to sleep, pretty quickly (and yes, I checked her every ten minutes).

I didn't notice the giant bruise on her forehead until after she woke up from her nap. I am not sure how she fell, or what she hit first, but I did call the Dr. and was reassured that this happens to a lot of people. This, of course, I already knew, having gone through it when the Lady was about 8 weeks-old and fell off the couch. I will say this time around I didn't panic, cry uncontrollably or totally berate myself for being an awful parent, but I did feel super bad for my Little Lady.

In order to show my regret, I got down on my hands and knees yesterday and scrubbed our wood floors. I am hoping the Little Lady appreciates not crawling around in filth and having all her super cute outfits covered in grime!

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