Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy-Land Confessions

I have a few things to confess to:

1. Today is the first day I have worn deodorant in over a week. Yes, this includes when running up to 5 miles. I ran out at some point last week. One day I used my husband's, but it is so "man-active-clean-fresh" smelling that I literally did a quick swipe as not to smell so sporty. I guess smelling like a guy is better than smelling, but coming from someone who wears unscented deodorant, it was a little too much for me.

2. Last week I took some time for myself and got a pedicure. On Friday, just one week into it, the nail polish chipped off my big toe. I raided my large collection of permanent markers, and with a combination of deep purple and black I was able to repair the damage. Yes, I know it is 55 degrees on the East Coast, but the flippies aren't going away until at least the end of October, plus, I love the dark color of my pedi and I wasn't willing to go out and get another one after only one week.

3. I have been wearing the same two bras for weeks now. These are also the same bras I wore after the Little Lady was born, while my boobs were huge (well, huger) from breastfeeding. To say they are ill-fitting is an understatement. The underwire is down around my bottom ribs and the left strap on both of them keeps on sliding down my shoulder. I know I should go get a proper fitting and suck it up and buy some good bras, but considering I haven't had time to buy deodorant and am touching up my pedicure with permanent markers, this too seems to be at the bottom of my to-do list. 

So there. I feel much better having aired out my mommy-land confessions. Perhaps this is a turning point. Perhaps, I will take a moment for myself, make sure that my armpits are dry and fresh-smelling, my toes are perfectly pedicured and the girls are perky and in their proper place.


  1. At least you are showering. Remember how it was last year at this time- very few showers were happening and the little lady was attached to your boob. My confession is that I have not gotten a pedicure since December 2009 and my toes are in dire need of one.

  2. Oh Sharpie Queen,

    How I wish we lived closer to one another so that we could dump the kids on the boys and go buy some new bras!!!!!!