Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Hiding Under Your Bed?

So the hubby was home yesterday when I got back from work. He had flown in from Atlanta earlier in the afternoon. We were confined to the bedroom because the Lady was watching a "big-girl show" and we were going over the next couple of days and what our schedules would be.

Throughout the entire conversation I would catch a whiff of something foul. Could it be me? I sniffed the pits (granted I didn't shower yesterday) but I was pretty sure it wasn't me. Could it be him? It did smell kind of stinky-feet-foul but it seemed to be emanating from my side of the bed. Was it the pillows? Did a dirty diaper get left on the end table?

After much complaining, I eventually got down on my hands and knees and looked under the bed. There I found the culprit, a pink sippy cup filled with curdled milk. Ugh.

So what have you found hiding under the couch, the bed or in your car?


  1. right now there is curdled milk under damien's couch, bed, and in his car....and undie drawer

  2. he's Pre-med......they all are