Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Been a While. . .

I know all of you have missed my annual Groundhog's Day rant and my endless droning on about how much I hate winter. This year, you have been spared, at least until the next snow storm hits and I am once again drowning in the grey of the season.

For now, I am just going to focus on the things that are going well, since quite honestly, I am hanging on by a thread here.

So, I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day, the hubby is away so the Ladies and I celebrated by eating a lot of strawberries and Hershey kisses. Today, is the V-Day party at Lady's school and she was very excited to write her name on each little Valentine as well as wear her fancy sparkle tights. We are back on a dress only kick, which is fine, except that there are no fall/winter dresses left on the shelves out there and we have been wearing one of three dresses to school pretty much everyday. On the positive side, at least she is getting dressed in the morning.

However, next year we are going to be in afternoon nursery school. I feel like we have been demoted to JV. Perhaps, it will help with our time-management issues in the morning, but it is going to be a huge pain in the ass in terms of drop-off and pick-up, especially on the days that I am working. I was hoping that my husband would be able to drop her off in the mornings that I didn't work, so that I didn't have to pack all three kids into the car--looks like that isn't going to happen. I am thinking about hiring a driver. How much do you think that would cost?

The Little Lady turned 18 months old yesterday. I will post a few pics of the V-Day celebration included a shot of her wearing a melted chocolate chip on her face. Good times.

We are off to the beach house this weekend to hang with some cousins and to give the kids a chance to run. Hoping for a little sunshine and that I don't have to listen to "Max and Ruby" in the car on the ride up. Would it be bad parenting if I snapped that DVD in half? Probably.What if I didn't do it in front of the kids? Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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