Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lottery Loser

Well not only did I not win the largest Mega Millions lottery jackpot ever, I also lost the kindergarten lottery.

You would have thought that the universe could have evened things out for me. I mean, if I wasn't going to rake in millions upon millions of dollars for plunking down five bucks at a Shell station and letting the Quick Pick machine spit out a ticket for me, at least I could have gotten the Lady into the school I was hoping for.

No such luck.

The Lady and I will be going to orientation at her districted school on Monday morning, we will see how it goes.

I will say that after I told the Lady the names of the two possible schools she might be attending next year, she told me she wanted to go to the districted school--apparently it is the last name of one of the boys in her class who she always talks about and who had a kick-ass gymnastics party that the Lady would like to recreate for her own birthday along with incorporating both an Angry Birds and Barbie theme.

This was the deciding factor for her, so I guess I should be happy that she at least got what she wanted.

Posts about how I am going crazy over the thought of the Lady's bus ride, the transition to full-day kindergarten, and all other things associated with sending your first born off to "real" school--to follow sometime late summer/early fall.

Until then, I have to pick up some last minute Easter items and figure out how I am going to cram three Pinterest Projects into the next couple of days.

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  1. A., you always make me laugh! Good luck with the orientation; I'm sure Miss Brady will be thrilled (and you'll be crying). And HAPPY EASTER!