Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to my husband!

With the Lady

Thank you for my babies and for all you do for them.

The Little Lady
I could list the reasons why before we even had kids, I knew you would be a good father. I could talk about how our lives have changed so dramatically in the last five years, or I can simply thank you.

For they way you brush the Ladies hair

For driving us everywhere

For doing all the baths, even though it kills your back

For assembling toys and dollhouses and bikes

For getting your nails painted at the Lady's salon

For carrying three sleeping kids in from the car

For dancing with your girls, even though you don't dance

For being the good cop

For being the bad cop

For middle-of-the-night wake ups

For nursery school pick-up

For reading that huge, pink book about Princesses that I would like to burn

For patting QT's back until he falls asleep

For that moment when you walk in the door after a day at work or a few days on the road, for that split second when they are unaware that you are there and they continue about what they are doing, for the change that comes over them when they realize you are home, when they hear the door, your feet heavy on the stairs, when they see you come around the corner or pop your head into their room, for that moment, that moment when their face becomes nothing but joy, for that small moment, the one that matters most.

Thank you.

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