Friday, June 29, 2012

And Here's What You May Have Missed. . .With the Beans

My evenings have been hijacked by three kids. My blogging and my TV time has suffered for it. I am still trying to catch up on some shows from last season, including the season finale of Glee that is just hanging out on the DVR.

In the spirit of the Glee intro, that breathy, fast-paced recap that starts the show, here's what you may have missed with the Beans. . .

The Little Lady putting on her own recital in the back of the theater. Yes, she was dancing with her eyes closed.
The Ladies had their dance recital in 100 degree heat in the auditorium of an elementary school, where the Little Lady had a breakdown when she realized that she was going to have to wait in a "holding pen" pre-performance. Luckily, she rallied, performed amazingly, and then put on her own private recital with the Wild Woman in the back of the theater.
A mini Mia Michaels contemporary routine?
QT has moved from the roll and scoot to full-on crawling, but only when he isn't being walked around with someone holding his hands. An intricate dance that includes both back pain and baby breakdowns when you try to release him from your grasp.

We just had to say goodbye to our longtime Tues/Thursday sitter, which has left me once again in a panic over daycare and forced me to once again empty my own dishwasher.

The Lady is finished with camp, bored at home, and looking for trouble.

All of which has made me realize that working in the summer is no fun, especially when you can be at the beach trying to explain to the Little Lady that it might be okay to pee in the Sound, which would avoid me having to drag two kids into a public bathroom and try to remove wet bathing suits. It is, however, not ok to pee in the sand or on your mother's coverup and towel, forcing her to have to wrap herself in said pee-soaked towel as she tries to gather you up for the long, hot, walk through the sand to the car.

And that's what you've missed with the Beans!

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