Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kindergarten, Crazy Hair and QT's Cuteness!

The Little Lady and her dad.
The Lady and her crazy hair.
Wednesday the Little Lady had kindergarten orientation. While, I realize that this is my second time through now, it is equally as emotional. Is it possible that I will have two kids in elementary school next year?

Now, the Little Lady was a little hesitant to join her other future Class of 2020 cohorts when they left the cafeteria with the "specials" teachers. After a few tears and about five minutes of the kindergarten teacher's PowerPoint presentation she changed her mind. I dropped her off in the art room and hoped for the best. She returned about a half hour later with a lovely little drawing ready to take the tour of the school. The tour was given by a group of 5th grade girls decked out in their Wacky Wednesday apparel (it is Spirit Week at the school) and we got a chance to peek in on the Lady in her classroom.

Speaking of Spirit Week and the Lady, we are on day 4. Today is Crazy Hair/Hat Day. Luckily, I still have purple sparkle hairspray and purple and pink hair chalk from last year to run through the Lady's hair. She was excited to get ready this morning, although not as excited as she was on Monday when it was pajama day. Looks like we will be joining the Ninja Turtles in the tub tonight. Tomorrow wraps up the week and it is Gator Green day. Let's hope she wears the green school hoodie I ordered!

Finally, here is just a cute picture of QT from last night. He should have been in bed at this point, but decided he needed to stay up a bit with his parents to watch the Yankees and try on sunglasses. Yes, we are still rocking Halloween glow in the dark skeleton pjs.


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