Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Three Beans Have Emerged From Hibernation. . .

Here is what is happening at our house. . .

The Lady is the proud new owner of a pair of Jessica Simpson, white, patent leather shoes with a bit of a heel. She couldn't be happier and while I debated whether or not it was a good parenting decision to buy them for her (really what is she going to wear those with?), I was soon convinced that they would get used when she decided to pair them with a flannel nightgown, blue ice cream cone pajama pants, and purple ankle socks for an 8 p.m. excursion to Walgreen's for some new toothpaste. She rocked the look and owned the aisles.

I have been trying to pay special attention to the Little Lady. She has a tendency to feel a bit put out when things don't go her way or when she feels like she isn't getting the attention she deserves. And she does deserve attention. She is fun loving and adorable and funny and incredibly sweet until she isn't. I am trying to make sure we toe the line between indulging her every whim and making sure she knows that she is an important and integral part of our family. Plus it is hard to ignore this cute face.
Please note she it was pajama day/costume/crazy hair day at school. Her class made it up the coconut tree. Normally, I don't dress my kids like this, unless we are going to Walgreen's at 8 p.m.

QT is in full on potty-training mode. Well, at least when he is at home all day with the nanny. He is going with no problems and no accidents during the day with her. He is even napping sans diaper. The problem seems to be when he is home with us. The peeing hasn't been too much of an issue, but there have been a few poo incidents. I will not post the photo my husband sent me a few nights ago while I was at a meeting, but needless to say there wasn't any poo in the potty. Last night on my late-night Walgreen's excursion, I bought a few things to bribe that boy. And it worked. Here is to hoping that we are out of diapers for the first time since 2007! And here is a pic of him after his latest haircut.

QT is getting to be such a big boy!
 Sunday, this happened:

Oh, Old Navy I know you know how much those girls wanted some jellies. They tried them on and whined and complained, but I won't fall into that trap again, we will just leave with three teal dresses and a couple of straw hats, thank you very much!

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