Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Lost Lunch

There is a strong possibility I drove out of my driveway with my lunch bag still on the trunk.

I have a vague recollection of carrying it out of the house along with my smoothie and iced coffee. I think I might have put it on the trunk when I moved the cars around.

I know that I took careful care to prep and organize a snack and lunch for today and that I left the Tupperware containers in the fridge last night.

I also know that I had to go out to the car this morning to retrieve my lunch bag because I left it in the backseat last night.

I remember packing the bag.

Note: Not my actual lunch bag, but I am thinking about trying to track one of these down!

I texted the nanny to see if she saw it in the house. No reply.

I guess it is better than leaving my coffee, a wallet or an infant seat on top of the car, but still. 

I am baffled and hungry and 100% sure I am losing my mind.

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