Monday, June 30, 2014

Part III: Sunday

The soft bray of the foghorn woke me. I sat up and pulled the shades down hoping that it would allow everyone to sleep a little bit longer. I had no idea what time it was, my cellphone was charging in the outlet across the room, but it felt early.

I got my bearings, QT at the foot of the double bed he and I were sleeping in, his head facing the end of the bed, his feet at my hip; the Little Lady almost completely covered in her green blanket on the single Aero bed on the floor; the Lady, her back to me, on the single bed against the wall. I pulled the top sheet over me, rolled over, tried to ignore the chatter of the early birds, the bark of dogs and fell back to sleep.

When I woke later, after sending all three kids downstairs and trying to ignore what sounded like them dumping every single thing out of every single bucket, container and bin in the sun room onto the floor, I slid on my new bathing suit and beach dress (thank you Old Navy) and headed downstairs.

There is nothing like the first day at the beach, packing the sandwiches and snacks, spraying the suntan lotion and grabbing the toys. There is nothing like having your kids throw on some bathing suits (Oh, you aren't going to wear a cover up at all and I won't notice until we actually get to the beach? No worries.) and head out full of excitement. There is nothing like setting your flip-flopped feet into the warm sand and not hearing anyone complain. There is nothing like watching the Ladies in the water, QT building in the sand.

It was Sunday. It was gorgeous. It was good.

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