Friday, June 4, 2010

5 Years and Counting. . .

Today is my anniversary. I have been married for 5 years.

I will say that those years have gone by very quickly. I was hoping that on our 5-year anniversary that my husband and I would be back in Hawaii on the beach with a couple of cocktails in hand and that I would still be able to rock the bikini I wore on our honey.

It looks like we will have to aim for that next year. . .

While we never sat down on our wedding day and talked about where we would see ourselves in 5 years, I think that for both of us there are things that happened that we expected would happen, and things we wanted to happen that haven't quite panned out.

We are going out to dinner. I am a little nervous. What if we have nothing to talk about except the Ladies? I mean, my entire day pretty much revolves around them. He never wants to talk about work and quite honestly, neither one of us has done much outside the house lately that can sustain a conversation for more than 15 seconds.

I am thinking about reading up on current events (non-celebrity related--although RIP Gary Coleman and Rue McClanahan) because I am pretty sure he isn't going to be interested in the new Whole Foods that opened by the house or the fact that I bought a new potty seat for the upstairs bathroom.

I think he will be excited to learn that I got most of the permanent marker off the kitchen table, using toothpaste--a trick my aunt passed on to me, but I am pretty sure that nugget of info isn't going to get us all the way to dessert.

I think we will figure it out, I mean I kinda like this guy a lot, and I am hoping we can remember why we decided to take this road together.

On our wedding day! Look how well-rested I look.

Now see all the wrinkles. This isn't the worst photo I have ever seen of myself (try not to be distracted by the cuteness of the Little Lady) but with the exception of the two pics I have in the hospital with the Little Lady when she was born, this is the only recent photo I have of myself.

I just wanted to post this, because I think this photo is hysterical and because I do want my husband to know that I still have a sense of humor and that I love him very much!

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