Thursday, June 10, 2010

Countdown . . .

I am leaving for my annual girls weekend get-away in LBI tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it.

After waking up this morning at 5 am with the Little Lady, who finally went back to sleep around quarter to 6, then having the Lady arrive in our room at 7:30, naked, declaring that she peed on the floor in her room, I am ready for a break.

I have decided that this year my husband is on his own. I will pack one bag for the Ladies for an outdoor beach/pool adventure but that is it. He can handle, diapers, feedings, park outings and naptime. I know he will probably get a little help from his parents or mine, but I am really going to try to savor the fact that not only is the time I am spending away my own, but that I might have a moment to actually turn my brain off and stop thinking about schedules, cleaning, and what is for dinner and concentrate on the important things like, which magazine will I read first and how much more sunscreen should I reapply.

The fact that I am spending this weekend with some of my favorite people in the world, just makes it all the better. We will be missing one person this year and hope that she and her family (including her 2-month old little guy and her mom) are doing well.

This is also the first year in quite a few years that nobody is knocked-up (at least I don't think so--perhaps an announcement is forthcoming--but not from me!) so I will be boozing it up a little bit. You know, two Zimas or a wine cooler then sleeping in past 7:30. Can. Not. Wait.

I will say that I am a little giddy for the moment I get into the car, sans carseats, the radio loud and drive away. It isn't that I won't miss the Ladies or won't want to come back (at least not for a day or so) it is just that the feeling of being alone is so freeing.

So the countdown begins. . . 23 hours 15 minutes to go.

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