Thursday, June 10, 2010

Writing Stuff

I have been trying to freelance write a little bit. I am not looking to do in-depth articles just yet, so when I came across, I signed up.

As of right now, the pickings are kind of slim on topics I am willing or qualified to write about. However, here is a link to an article that I "contributed" to. Just a personal anecdote about reaction to the Lady's name.

Since most of you know me already, it isn't too big of a secret of what her real name is. For privacy's sake, I will still continue to refer to my kids and any other kids I talk about here, by nicknames. The article (obviously) uses her real name.

I do find it interesting how people feel they can weigh in on what you are going to name your own kid.

Does anybody out there have any odd reactions to the names they chose for their kids? Leave a comment if you are willing to share.

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