Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Really Huggies? Really?

I realize that I probably write a little too much about poo in this blog, but I couldn't in good conscience not at least mention Huggies new, limited edition, jeans diapers. (Click on the link to access the commercial.)

Yes, you read that right--diapers that look like jeans.

It is bad enough that the Lady walks around the house only wearing her diaper--how much more WT would it look, if those diapers looked like jeans?

I am not a big supporter of jorts in general, but diaper jorts are quite possibly the worst idea I have ever heard of.

Having said all that, the tagline for these "jiapers" is hysterical.

It is quite simply: The coolest you'll look pooping your pants.

I mean is that classic or what?

I am sure this is just some sort of gimmick for us to go out and buy diapers, but baby style is big business. Just leaf through the pages of US Weekly, they now rate which celeb baby has the best style (usually a toss-up between Suri Cruise and Kingston Rossdale), we as American parents have got to keep up and if that means putting our kids in jean diapers, well as the tagline says, at least they will look cool pooping in them.

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