Monday, October 13, 2014

Box Tops Baby!

It is time for the first Box Tops contest of the year. I just spent the last 25 minutes taping them to photocopied handouts complete with the required Halloween theme.

I had some hard decisions to make. How many would I send in with each kid? The Little Lady is in kindergarten, the class seemed to have a lot of first time elementary school parents, not sure they have been saving the Box Tops. The Lady however told me how many Box Tops her class already has, her teacher keeps count on the white board. Have I mentioned how much I like her teacher?

I think we know where most of them are going.

Now, I have to be fair and send some in with the Little Lady. The handout that came home said something about "If each child just sent in 40 Box Tops. . ." so I went with that number. The Little Lady has 40 Box Tops in her bag. The Lady, well her crazy Box Top-mom is sending her in with 180. Her classroom total so far? 164.

That is right. I am more than doubling that number. There better be some hot chocolate in the Lady's future. The best thing about it is that the contest doesn't end for another two weeks. I can see where the Lady's class sends and then scavenge around my pantry for any labels I may have missed.

Will keep you updated of course.

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