Thursday, October 9, 2014

Night Posts

So I should apologize for the 10 pm posts this week. The days are kind of getting away from me a little bit and as much as I don't want to half-ass it, sometimes the best I got is a #TBT post of the Lady and the Wild Man posted on a Wednesday.

I am feeling the crunch of this little exercise, but I am not willing to give up yet. 

I could tell you about the Bamboo breakdown that QT had when he realized he wasn't taking him home this week, or that in the tub tonight he sang a song about Jesus that he learned at chapel, and followed it immediately up by a song that went something like this I am sitting on a football with my dirty butt. Which was in fact exactly what he was doing in the tub.

I can tell you about the picture the Little Lady drew for a boy in her class, who she only mentioned one other time and that was Tuesday. It said I love you. 

Or I could just tell you that today was a good day when homework and tubs got done early, a day I actually saw the Lady eat a vegetable and almost, almost stay in her seat for all of dinner. 

It might not be the best blog material, but it's the best you are going to get tonight. I mean I could have just thrown up another pic, but I am saving that for the weekend. 

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