Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freaking Froggy!

I have been trying to figure out a way to spend some time with the Lady by herself. This always poses a challenge because I have to leave the little Lady behind without the boob. Even though I have been trying to pump on a consistent basis things have been a little hectic and I am finding myself only pumping enough to leave for my work days and not much more to store. So any opportunity to get out without her can be a little stressful for me. However, my husband told me he would be home early enough for us to get out and I had some milk in the fridge ready to go.

Anyway, the Barnes and Noble by our house has a 6:00 pm story time on Friday nights and last Friday, Froggy was supposed to be there. Now, from what I can gather, Froggy is a giant frog who reads to the kids and then takes a couple of photos. I figured that this was a great idea. The Lady and I would get out for an hour or so, take a couple pictures with the frog and maybe spend a few minutes playing with the trains in the store. I maybe would even get to look around the bookstore and pick out something for myself.

We invited the Wild Man and his mom to come along. Now if any of you have ever experienced Friday night traffic on 95 in lower Fairfield County, CT, you know that actually getting anywhere can take forever. The Wild Man left his house at 5 after 5 and didn't get to B&N until after 6. My husband left his office at 25 after 5 and didn't get home until 5 to 6, so I was waiting, anxiously, with the Lady to go.

We showed up a little after 6 and the children's book section lady was mid-story. I did, however, not see any giant frogs. She finished one story and then another, still no frog and still no Wild Man.

Finally, the question was posed--where is Froggy? Froggy, apparently was not coming, but they were in the process of "working on it." I am not sure what that means exactly, but unless some guy was in the back putting on a giant frog head, it looked like there would be no Friday night frog.

Now, the only reason I took my 2 year old out at 6pm on a Friday night was because of the promise of a giant frog. I wasn't even sure if she would like him. I could see her being afraid and then talking about how scared she was of the frog for 3 weeks, but it afforded us the opportunity to get out together and experience something away from the baby. Froggy--how could you disappoint us?

So, now it was 6:30, my sister and I had two 2-year old's as well as the Wild Man's little sister. The big kids needed to eat and books were not keeping their attention. We tried the trains for a bit and then headed up to the food court/play area.

I was shocked by how many kids were at the play area at 7 pm. We let the big guys run around for a while and then finally packed it up. It wasn't quite the experience I wanted with the Lady. I was hoping she and I could share something exciting and new and that she would be happy to talk about for a while.

Instead, I fed her scalding hot chicken fingers and fries, exposed her to a bazillion germs at the indoor play area, got home well past the time I wanted to, which pushed bedtime back again, and once again skipped her bath. All of this for a giant frog that never showed up. UGH.

BTW. . . when I got home the little Lady had gone through a bottle and a half of boob juice in the 2 and a half hours that we were gone. Is this ever going to get any easier?

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