Thursday, February 11, 2010

She's Crafty?

I have a history of being crafty. Not conniving and shrewd, but actually crafty. You know, homemade cards and scrapbooks. I recently had a closet full of craft stuff that had been laying idle for a few years that I finally sorted through and donated.

I kept the few things that I thought I could use and that I thought I could use with the Lady. She of course, has found the craft closet and raided it many times in the past. And, since our art class was cancelled yesterday, and we were trapped in the house that I would have done something interactive and artsy with them. Not so much.

I was just reading over some e-mails and updates from my Moms groups about what they were doing with their kids yesterday. These women were craftaholics yesterday. Granted, the Lady did some coloring, but we didn't even think about making Valentines or snowmen out of cotton balls, or making up our own board games or any one of the various things these art-inspired moms were doing with their kids, while I watched an NCIS marathon and the Lady ran around in her diaper coloring on her stomach with permanent markers. What happened to my motivation?

Now, I know that if I whipped out the scissors the Lady would make a beeline towards them. I also know that anything involving glue could turn disastrous and in a moment of clarity a few weeks ago, I threw away all the glitter we have in the house. But, I still can't help but feeling like a delinquent mom. I have the time, the supplies and the ideas to make some great crafts with her, but I think I am lacking a bit of the drive.

Tonight, I vow, with my glue gun poised and ready to go, we will turn off NickJr, lay the newspaper down and get crafty.

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