Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You Show Me Yours, I'll Hide in the Corner and Change

I signed up for a two-week trial membership at the gym I use to belong to. The goal being to figure out how to fit a workout into my schedule without having to pay for a full membership.

I like this gym because it not only has updated facilities and good classes, but it offers daycare for the kids and a pool. I am thinking about signing the Ladies up for some swim lessons to get them familiar with being in the water. I think the Lady will like it because she loves to swim in the tub, she will float on her back, dip her head and face in and she loves to kick. I will have to see how it goes with the little Lady, because all she does when I put her in the tub is cry.

Anyway, I got out of the house yesterday in the middle of the day--without the kids (thank you Mr. Presidents)--and headed to the gym.

The one thing I forgot about gym locker rooms is the fact that on any given day, at any given hour you have the potential to run into someone who is naked. This never fails to shock me. I have rounded the corner smack into full-frontal nudity on more than one occasion. Do I look away? Fumble with the buttons on my iPod? That is all fine and good, but what happens when this naked person is standing in and around your locker and actively lotioning? What then dear readers?

Yesterday, I walked into the locker room and a woman was coming out of the shower area, wearing only a towel, which was affixed below her bare breasts. I know that towels in gyms can be small, but there are piles and piles of them in this gym--how about using two? Trying to cut down on the environmental aspect of it? How about bringing your own full-body sized towel and reusing when you get home.

Now, I am not grossed out by the human body and between Mardi Gras and breastfeeding, I have whipped my boobs out in public many times. I just wonder why you wouldn't choose to cover-up in a public setting. If I was in a group locker room with other women that I knew, like on a sports team or something, I can see the comfort level being much higher, but this is a gym where strangers are literally walking into the door and you are standing there totally nude. I don't understand it, then again, I am also adept at taking off my bra and putting my sports bra on without actually taking my shirt off--so maybe I am the one with the issue.

So yesterday after the ocular onslaught, I took a deep breath, threw my stuff in a locker, went to the bathroom and when I came back to the changing area to pick up my iPod, I had to ask the nudie boob lady who was now topless hair-brushing to please move so I could access my stuff. She complied, I stared at my shoes while fumbling with the lock and then finally hit the gym.

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  1. None of that beats when I went into the locker room and there was a woman standing completely naked with one of her legs up on the bench (so that you got a view that your ob/gyn gets) while she was blow drying her hair (the hair on her head).