Thursday, August 5, 2010

Countdown. . .

Dear Disney Princesses,

You ladies better be around next week, and when I mean around, I mean at the end of a very short line where you will embrace the Lady with kindness and pose for numerous photos with her.

You better make her Princess-fueled dreams come true--that means you Sleeping Beauty, or as the Lady likes to call you "Sleeping Beaut" she will be wearing you on her undies and talking about you incessantly until we meet face to face. Do. Not. Disappoint.

I don't care if in your real life you got into a fight with your boyfriend, or your cat puked on your shoes. I better see smiles and real care and concern for not only the Lady, but for the rest of those little girls who have been buying all your crappy plastic stuff from China and dressing up in entirely inappropriate footwear.

Thank you for your time. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Love and kisses and dancing animal songs,


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