Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going Down to Disney

If it wasn't clear from my last post, we are heading off to sunny (and probably terribly hot) Orlando to visit Disney World. I am very excited for the Little Lady. We are going out and buying new princess undies to add to our growing collection of, well princess undies.

The Lady likes to change her undies after every bathroom visit and since we only have one pair of Cinderella's and Sleeping Beauty's, I am doing a lot of laundry.

I am going to try to check in a few times next week. I am sure we will have our moments. I am not looking forward to waiting on line for 25 minutes to get to the front and have the Lady tell me she needs to pee. I am also not looking forward to trying to entertain the Little Lady on the plane!

It should be fun. Posts and pics to come. . .


  1. How da ya do? Very glad to see ya....gotta keep moving alongggg

  2. Steadman, my answer is:

    Anonymous--at least come up with a clever psydonym. And unfortunatley, the Ladies are not allowing me to ride any of the good rides--can you say Dumbo?