Friday, August 13, 2010

Dear Disney: Day 4 and 5

Dear Disney,

Things are starting to run together here. I am not sure if it is night or day. I feel like I am waking up every morning in the company of a princess and then taking a magic carpet ride or scrambling for the pink Dumbo elephant.

I need to slow down. I need a cool drink on these 105 degree days.

How is it Disney that you design your world to make us feel like if we aren't going and going and going and going that we are missing something? Have we made the best effort to hit all the parks? Have we seen all those little magical things that we were promised? Has the Lady been transformed by the wonder and awe of all things Disney? Are we creating those childhood memories that will be lifelong for her? I am hoping she remembers seeing the princesses and the fairies and not her father and I screaming at her because she is refusing to put on shoes and hasn't showered since day 3.

I am not sure what has happened in these two days. We did a Princess dinner and then woke up the next morning and were on a boat at 7:30 for a Princess breakfast. Things blurred after that.

I did get to ride on Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain, at some point there was a line for the fairies that took well over an hour for about 4 minutes of face time and the Lady once again, not showing any emotion that she was actually excited to see them.

I will say that the Dumbo ride has provided us with about 10 minutes of pure joy. Granted, it took 5 rides to get to a full 10 minutes and the total wait time was approximately 2 hours, but it has been worth it.

I am not sure what the plan is for today. We are tired. We hit the Magic Kingdom last night with the Lady, and her two older cousins. We left the Little Lady behind to get some rest and---I have to go now because the Lady pulled the pj pants off her sister and the Little Lady is now trying to crawl into the kitchen cabinets with her diaper half on.

I got to watch this kid. She is pulling all the paper towels off the roll as we speak.

Mickey--is there someone to clean this up?

Love and kisses and pixie dust.


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  1. A, you make me smile (and wishing I had some princesses of my own).

    Enjoy the whirlwind. Kisses to all.