Friday, December 3, 2010

Day One is Done

The Ladies are in bed. Neither one of them is actually sleeping, but they are in bed.

I am going to sweep the floor for the six hundredth time today and cuddle up with the DVR--can anyone say "Top Chef-All Stars?" Awesome.

Tomorrow we have plans so hopefully the day will go well. Today we had some minor incidents, nothing out of the ordinary. A few markers up the nose, a bumped head and the Lady rifling through the box of clothes that is going to be donated and insisting that her princess sneakers still fit. We brought in some Christmas decorations and I actually got a little bit of cleaning and organizing done. One good thing was that we didn't have anywhere to go, so I didn't have to bundle up the Ladies and drag them out. One bad thing was that we didn't have anyplace to go, so the Ladies and I were inside all day long.

So we have marked one day off the calendar. At this point next week, I might be a very different person but until then I say "Day two, bring it on."

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