Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sparkle Shoes

Sparkle shoes as promised.

The Lady has the exact same pair of these shoes in pink. She wore them exactly one time and that was in the car on the way home from Target. She never wore them again. They are now one size too small. The good news is that she has been wearing the silver sparkle shoes pretty regularly since she got them. The bad news is that they are basically a shoe covered in glitter, so I have been stepping on, sweeping up and trying to remove those shiny little pieces from the floor, furniture and faces of the Ladies.


  1. Ahhh...I too am familiar with the sparkle shoe and all of it's glitter remnants. If by chance you get roped in to buying those annoying light up sketchers sneakers (like we did) beware that the red and blue lights just might give you the feeling that the cops are chasing you...especially when your child is running behind you!!

    Thanks for all your posts...they definitely make me laugh!

  2. We do have some sparkle light up shoes. They only shine white though, it is a little scary though when you trip over them in the dark!

    Thanks for reading.