Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ringing O' the Bells

Waiting very patiently to leave the office to see the Lady at her Bell Ringing Christmas Concert. Can't wait to see her perform all the songs I have heard her singing for the past couple of weeks.

The best part. . . the hubby will be there to meet me!!! Finally, the Toy has come back to Connecticut.

I will say the school thinks of everything, they had print outs of the church hanging in the hallways so you could see what side your kids class would be performing on and where you should sit. Will try to post a pic later today, not sure how good it will be considering the Lady had to get a bath this morning and her hair was totally matted down from her hat when we got to school. Why can't we just get it together? On a positive note, she is clean and she is wearing clean undies. That is a win-win in my book.

Don't have to come back to work after the show, the office is having some sort of kick-ball tournament/Holiday party today. Guess the Ladies and I will hang while my husband naps. He has two hours, two hours, and then I am leaving the house until bedtime. Missed that guy.