Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holiday Pics

The Lady at her concert. Note the bar behind them, about ten minutes after this was taken, as they were all sitting down, the Lady slammed her head on it and spent the rest of the concert singing the songs from her father's lap.

The Lady, The Little Lady and the Big Guy after their sleepover.

Decorating the tree. I made her put this robe on so that I could have some photos of her clothed.

The Little Lady loves to decorate.

The angel on top of our tree.

In Brooklyn for our playdate. Have to love the 6 ladies and one little man!

The Night Before Christmas. I couldn't resist, I mean really, look at the Little Lady's face

Santa brings the Lelli Kellys!!!

Iron man and the Lady at my in-laws.

Happy Third Birthday Wild Man!

Seriously Little Lady? I spent 10 minutes opening that box so you could play with the Little People inside and instead you feel the need to actually play inside the box?

Snowed In!


  1. So very cute! Love those sparkly shoes!
    Happy New Year xo

  2. Love these!
    The one of daddy and his girls has a special place in my heart - my dad read us the Night Before Christmas (and the Nativity from the Bible) every Christmas Eve (even when we were all grown up).
    Happy New Year!!

  3. Love the shoes- santa did a good job.

  4. Love these pictures! The girls are just adorable! I also love the angel that you ended up using for your tree - I don't think you should even be looking to replace that with a store bought angel!