Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting Away for the Girls Weekend!

On Friday, I left the Ladies behind and headed out in a "normal" car, which in all honesty felt very low to the ground in comparison to the height I must admit I am becoming accustomed to and enjoying in the mini-van.

I think that as a parent there has to be a bit of decompression time. And I will admit that I felt a little guilty, for not really feeling guilty as I drove down towards NYC to pick up one of my very best friends at Penn Station then through the Lincoln Tunnel on our way to the beach for our annual Girls weekend.

There is something to be said for spending a weekend in the company of women you met when you were 18 years old, and have continued to rely on, depend on, seek advice from, complain to and confide in. It helps that we are all moms with multiple kids, trying to navigate the everyday. Some of us work, some of us stay home, but it really is kind of freeing to have no walls up to be able to be yourself, not just the "Ladies mom" or my husbands wife, but a bit of that college aged girl who had a few hours to sit around a talk about everything and anything.

I will admit to mostly discussing our families and a lot of our conversations did revolve around parenting and motherhood

50% was about how cute are kids are and how much they drive us crazy
20% was about how we must be failing miserably at being moms
5% was about how we are amazing moms
10% how our husbands were faring at home
10% Celebrity gossip and all things US, Star, People related
5% Snack food discussions

All in all, it was a great weekend and as happy as I was to see the faces of not only the Ladies, but my husband who handled it all in his own way, I am already looking forward to next year and am grateful for not only the female friendships I have in my life, but for those few stolen days to nurture them and eat pepperoni bread and peanut butter M&Ms.


  1. It is refreshing that you got to write about something so near and dear to your heart, but what about me? I had to wait 2 full weeks for a blog that was labeled both "girls weekend" and "female companionship"? Don't you know how a man can hurt inside?

  2. It was so great to be able to spend time together! Thanks for driving me! So happy that the baby stayed put for the weekend!