Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day and More from the Mini-Van

The Lady and I went to get our nails done on Mother's Day. It was nice to do something special with her alone and she was super excited that she got flowers painted on not only some of her nails but her toenails as well.

She is concerned about a recent chip that has formed and keeps telling me she wants to go back to the nail polish store and have them fix it. While I am glad we were able to do something together, I don't want her to get hooked on mani/pedis at three and a half. I think we will keep it to special occassions, but I am reminded that I will now have to go out and get some nailpolish remover and hope the Little Lady doesn't get too jealous that her nails aren't painted pink.

The Lady drying her nails. She also got a lollipop!

More from the Mini-Van

I am easing into the mini-van lifestyle. I will say that I drove our other car over the weekend and was a little freaked out that I was so low to the ground! We are still trying to navigate the DVD player, meaning I don't want it on everytime we get in the car and the Ladies are pretty insistant that it happen.

Here is the view out of my rearview mirror on a daily basis.

The Lady in her headphones.

The Little Lady totally passed out, but still wearing the headphones.

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