Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blog a Day 'Til Baby(BADTB): Post 1

I decided that will post a blog a day until this baby comes. In my heart of hearts, I am hoping this kid comes tomorrow. I am going to the acupuncturist in the morning and asking her to work her labor inducing magic, then I am taking the Ladies to the hospital for the sibling tour so they can see where the babe and I will be staying and finally I have an afternoon doctors appointment. I think that either the hospital or the doctors office would be good places to start going into labor.

In reality, I am sure I will be waiting this out for at least another week or so, although the way I am feeling now makes me wonder how it is possible that this kid isn't ready to come out. It is certainly taking up a ton space in my belly and I have had both the Ladies try to speak to it in an attempt to coax it out, and by speak to it I mean yell in the general direction of my baby bump "Baby come out! Baby come out!"

 I haven't gone so far as to do the whole spicy food/eggplant parm route, but that didn't work last time so why even bother?

I will also try to refrain from making these posts "poor me" posts, even though I have had a few minor breakdowns, and instead just try to capture what the last week or so with just two kids is actually like. I will say we are trying to keep busy. We went up to the beach house for part of the weekend, the Lady had her first drop-off birthday party on Sunday and we cheered on the Wild One's dad in a Memorial Day parade.

This is the Lady's last week of school and I can't believe that she is going to go into a 4's program in the fall. I have started to really cross things off the to-do list in terms of getting everything ready for the baby, however that does not include actually packing a bag for the hospital or digging the infant seat out of the garage and putting it in the mini-van. All in good time. I figure as long as I get myself there in a timely fashion we will be fine, right?

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