Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thanks to all my well-wishers on fb for all your b-day comments. 35! Ugh.

Hoping to have a nice night out with my hubby. I think we might take the van out, maybe come home and watch a movie in the car. Who knows, the point is that we have the entire night ahead of us and even though I won't be throwing back any booze-infused drinks, I am glad to be celebrating my b-day.

Also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my dear, dear friend Lauren. I love you and I can't imagine sharing a b-day with a better woman or a better friend.


  1. Hope you had a nice dinner! I love the idea of watching a movie in the car - it is the mosern version of a drive-in movie!

  2. opps - I meant to say modern!