Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby Comes (BADTB) Post 2: Momma's Got the Fat Feet, The Ladies Never Listen All Day

It has been a long, hot day. My feet are looking pretty Barney Rubblish. My husband told me last night that he didn't think they were that bad. I would just like everyone to know that he did not marry a woman with fat feet. I guess it is better that this is happening during the last week or so of pregnancy and not the last month or so, like it did for both of the Ladies.

This is what my feet look like.

The Little Lady and I have been out of the house for most of the day since we dropped the Lady off for her second to last day of school.

We ran a few errands including the bank, Dunkies (obviously), dropping off a health form at the doctor's office for the Lady's summer school program and hit up the acupuncturist. I could kiss that woman on the mouth. She is just so amazingly nice and in addition to pushing those needles in tighter now that I am closer to my due date, she also gave me some herbal remedies to get things started. We will see how it goes. I am willing to try anything at this point.

There were highs and lows to most of the day. The Little Lady took an early nap, which was a high considering that we had afternoon plans that could have been very hairy if she skipped a nap (well, it was still a little hairy, but not as bad as it could have been.) However, she will not just get into the carseat and sit. She insists on "jumping in" the seat herself, which is a ploy to sneak either into the way back or the front passenger seat, only after she has pushed the button to close the automatic sliding door. Normally, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but my belly is too big to squeeze into the more confined spaces of the mini-van and I end up yelling at her while she laughs at me from an unreachable distance. Ugh.

Both Ladies were pretty well behaved at the sibling tour at the hospital though. We were there with three other very preggo moms who each had two other kids. To say it was a bit overwhelming might be an understatement, but the kids watched a silly video, we got to see a very sweet and tiny newborn and everyone left with crayons.

Unfortunately, we had to go straight from there to my doctors appointment. I never take the Ladies to anything where there is a waiting room involved if I can help it. The Little Lady was great at the acupuncturist in the morning but we were only there for about 40 minutes and she sat very quietly in the stroller, and was also able to play with some of the toys they have there. The wait at the OB/GYN didn't go as smoothly. It consisted of me bribing them with two Dum-Dum lollipops each and the promise of DQ after the visit. None of which did anything to stop them from trying to open the cabinet with the used "instruments" in it, jumping on the scale and having me have to get up (pants less) from the table to bring them to the bathroom (yes, I put my pants back on for that) and corral them into submission.

Finally the doctor came in. The Ladies were able to hear the baby' heartbeat and although it seems like things might be moving in the right direction (I will spare you the jargon that includes the word "softening"), nothing is really happening at this point, so it looks like I will be taking herbal remedies and blogging yet another day.


  1. Thinking of you A! Good luck and I'm staying tuned to the BADTB!! I hope your blogging hiatus won't last too long after the little one arrives...but understandable if it does. :-)YAY!

  2. I am waiting very impatiently for blog 3. I for one, and probably Steadman's Army, am hoping that this kid never comes if this is what it takes for daily blogs. Love you.

  3. Will you be wearing shoeboxes instead of shoes soon?

  4. Shoeboxes fastened with duct tape.