Friday, June 17, 2011

Little Boy Bean

Finally. . .

After 16 posts I get a day off from blogging to deliver a beautiful baby boy. It was a long day but well worth the wait.

I am thinking of calling him QT on this blog, first of all because those are his initials and second of all because he is a cutie.

The Ladies already love him, although the Lady, like her mother was very surprised that he was a boy. I am glad to say that her response to "What will will do if it is a boy?" which was "I won't like it" doesn't appear to be the case. And the Little Lady, well all the Little Lady wants to do is hold "her baby." We will see how this all works out once we actually get home.

Here are a few pics.

Before the boy was born


Just hanging out

The Little Lady and her baby

The Lady, her dad and her baby brother
Note there are no photos of me. There were some taken, but my face is so swollen it just looks sad!


  1. He really is a cutie.
    So happy to see some pix!
    love you! e

  2. Congratulations! Quinn is beautiful. Love to the whole clan.