Monday, June 13, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 14: I Got Nothing

Seriously, nothing is happening. Went to the doctor today and there hasn't been any change since last week. I could check myself into the hospital at some point this week but for right now we are on a wait and see type of schedule.

I guess I will actually go to work tomorrow. I mean the sitter is coming and I have already cleaned the house for her. In an ideal world, I would be going into labor as my husband pulls into the driveway tonight and we would be on our way, but alas, this babe has other plans.

The good news is I picked up a new nursing tank. Oh, can't wait to stuff my engorged breasts into those for a few months. I also picked up some new cotton undies. Tried to get some cute looking ones to make me feel better about getting them at Target and not Victoria Secret, but somehow I don't think it is really going to do the trick.

So sorry for the lame post my energy is lacking as is any sort of creative spark. Just hoping this kid arrives soon so that I actually have some news for you all.

Thanks for checking in on me every day. You guys have been amazing.


  1. i really have been amazing through all this

  2. Must be a boy who knows of the glitter-covered world awaiting him and wants to hold off a little bit longer :) love you!

  3. Amazing is too tame an adjective for how i have been through this period. Remarkable? perhaps. Extraordinary? At times. God? You bet your ass.

  4. Steadman, you are Godlike. I mean how many men would stand by Oprah for so many years and continue to be emasculated by her wealth and power?

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