Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 15: Signs

This morning my pants split.

I was doing some sort of half crouch-squat move trying to pick up something off the floor and the fabric just had had enough. It didn't split up the back but down the crotch exposing my new cotton undies and leaving me feeling pretty sure that the universe was sending me a sign that this pregnancy should end.

To make matters worse, these were one of two pairs of my "casual" pants that I have been wearing pretty much non stop for the last week or so and have to have my husband tie the little strings on the bottom because, clearly I cannot bend over.

Then a bird pooped on my windshield narrowly missing me. I know it is supposed to be good luck for a bird to poop on you but I am glad it missed me because I don't know if I could have gone home and found anything else to wear to work today. Luckily, it just hit Minnie-Ru (which is what I have named our mini-van--yes, I came up with a name for her and am still not 100% sold on our choice if this kid is a girl), so I took that as a second sign that good things would be happening.

Finally, as I pulled up to the bagel store to grab something quick for breakfast since I haven't been food shopping in over a week, I heard U2's "The City of Blinding Lights" on the radio, which is the song that was playing when I first held the Lady almost 4 years ago. It reminded me to be a bit more patient because soon enough I will be holding this baby in my arms as well. Don't ask me what song was playing when the Little Lady was born, eventually I will just randomly pick one off the playlist that was on in the background and claim it to be true, but her birth was so quick it was kind of a blur. There is a possibility it was "Stronger" by Kayne that or a Dylan song.

So even though there aren't any real physical signs that this baby is showing up today, I am pretty sure it will have to happen soon. I mean how much longer can I patiently wait without having some sort of hormonal infused breakdown where I pound the floor with my fists and start burning maternity clothes?

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