Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 9: Staying Cool at the Pool

We had a busy day today. Started out early at the acupuncturist--have I mentioned I love this woman? I left there with some ear tags that are supposed to stimulate the uterus and the Ladies left with stickers. I thought it was a pretty good start to our day.

We hit up a Moms Club meeting/playdate and then stopped home to pick up our bathing suits and headed down to hang with the Wild Ones.

To say that setting up a backyard pool and allowing any of these children access to a garden hose is not the best idea in the world is an understatement. There was a lot of mud and splashing, but they had a great time and kept cool.

The Little Lady and the Wild Woman

The Lady. The Wild Woman was busy blowing bubbles (that is her little butt in the blue and white suit at the bottom) and the Wild Man wasn't too sure about the temp of the pool.

We ended the day with four relatively well behaved children at a restaurant with my sister and my parents, my hubby threw them in the tub when we got home and they are now quiet in their beds.

I am planning the rest of my weekend with no expectations that this baby will show up. We will see.

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