Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 16: Short and Sweet

Trying to get my act together here so I will keep this short and sweet.

Still no baby.

iPhone died around 1:30 this afternoon when I had the Wild Man and the Lady at the park, and I had no idea how to reset it. (Hormonal fueled panic ensued)

Had to bring the Lady to her dress rehearsal for her dance recital on Sunday and was very excited to see her so excited about performing. Getting the costume didn't hurt either.

Couldn't get in touch with my husband since I had no phone--always great when he shows up an hour later than usual. The only good thing is that he had called Apple and was able to reset the phone. (It is both buttons--not just the one on the top or the one on the bottom--both buttons!)

The Ladies are in the tub and I am hoping for an early bedtime.

My schedule for the rest of the night is Store, So You Think You Can Dance, Sleep, Baby?


  1. Hope that baby comes soon, A!

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