Saturday, June 4, 2011

Blog A Day 'Til Baby (BADTB) Post 5: What a Difference 6 Years Makes

I am pretty sure I posted this pic last year, but I like the way I look and this is my blog, so there!
Six years ago at this time I was sitting in a bridal suite with my husband waiting to be "announced" before our wedding reception at a beautiful waterside locale with all my friends and family.

Right now, I am sitting at my computer with the only dress large enough to drape over my swollen body, my hair soaking wet, having just cleaned up the Ladies dinner and trying to squeeze this blog post in before the sitter arrives at 6:15.

I will say, I am grateful that my hubby and I are going out. It has been a while since we have gone on an actual date night and once this kid comes I will miss our weekly lunch dates during the workday, so forgive me if this post is short.

I would like to thank my husband for the last six years of marriage, for giving me the two Ladies and for the one on the way. I guess I am hoping that this kid decides not to make its appearance this evening (or at least until after midnight so we don't have to share celebrations and I get extra time in the hospital.)

I am not sure what is still left to do. I scrubbed the toilets today, we cleaned and organized, everything is ready to go for this evening and my bag is now officially packed with toiletries and the iPod.

I guess I will go out with my husband, celebrate our anniversary and be grateful for the wonderful things we do have in our lives.

The view!


  1. Happy Anniversary and enjoy this night out before the next year of no sleep (again... you're used to it by now, right??!)

  2. im by myself (well, me and the dog) and i am in between watching 2 things: 1) the NHL finals and 2) the movie Funny Girl...the fact that i can do this only leads me to 3 infallible facts 1) although i am lucky to be alone and doing basically whatever the hell i please, i am still a bit jealous that you already have (and will have) such awesome and beautiful chittlens and 2) i am and will always will be the weirdest ever and 3) i loooves me some Aileen always and forever...i miss us

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  4. I definitely like that first picture. It looks like you actually like the husband. Also, I think the second picture should have an arrow pointing down toward the water with a caption explaining that two guys are down there getting ready to go in the water sans clothing.

  5. On the wings of love, only the two of us together flyin' high...

  6. We did have a good night out. I made it until 10:30!!! Also grateful for one more night of relatively uninterupted sleep.

    Love you too Denise!